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n. the declaration under oath or upon penalty of perjury that a statement or pleading is true, located at the end of a document. A typical verification reads: "I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California, that I have read the above complaint and I know it is true of my own knowledge, except as to those things stated upon information and belief, and as to those I believe it to be true. Executed January 3, 1995, at Monrovia, California. (signed) Georgia Garner, declarant." If a complaint is verified then the answer to the complaint must be verified. (See: complaint, answer, oath)


verb acceptance, accord, affidavit, affirmance, affirmation, approval, assent, assurance, attestation, authentication, authorization, avouchment, certification, check, confirmation of auuhority, confirmation of truth, declaration, formal assertion, legal pledge, oath, solemn averment, solemn avowal, solemn declaration, substantiation, swearing, validation, warrant
See also: acceptance, acknowledgment, approval, attestation, avowal, certainty, certification, confirmation, consent, corroboration, document, documentation, evidence, experiment, jurat, proof, recommendation, reference, support

VERIFICATION, pleading. Whenever new matter is introduced on either side, the plea must conclude with a verification or averment, in order that the other party may have an opportunity of answering it. Carth. 337; 1 Lutw. 201; 2 Wils. 66; Dougl. 60; 2 T. R. 576; 1 Saund, 103, n. 1; Com. Dig. Pleader, E.
     2. The usual verification of a plea containing matter of fact, is in these words, "And this he is ready to verify," &c. See 1 Chit. Pl. 537, 616; Lawes, Civ. Pl. 144; 1 Saund, 103, n. 1; Willes, R. 5; 3 Bl. Com. 309.
     3. In one instance however, new matter need not conclude with a verification and then the pleader may pray judgment without it; for example, when the matter pleaded is merely negative. Willes, R. 5; Lawes on Pl. 145. The reason of it is evident, a negative requires no proof; and it would therefore be impertinent or nugatory for the pleader, who pleads a negative matter, to declare his readiness to prove it.

VERIFICATION, practice. The examination of the truth of a writing; the certificate that the writing is true. Vide Authentication.

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