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Critique: A masterwork of original and seminal scholarship that rescues a critically important Latin American writer from an undeserved obscurity, "Machado de Assis and Narrative Theory: Language, Imitation, Art, and Verisimilitude in the Last Six Novels" is enhanced for academia with the inclusion of a prefacing article (A Note on Translations), sixteen pages of Notes, a six page Bibliography, and a seven page Index.
Romulo Auditorium has ruined, to our frustration, the magic once evoked by Joey Mendoza's scenery and John Batalla's lights-the way they conjured with astonishing verisimilitude the night skies and distant constellations that figured so prominently in the story.
Thrash's art keeps it simple but never skimps on the details that give the story a sense of verisimilitude, grounding its fantastic elements.
She also includes brief anecdotes and explanations from others, particularly in the LGBTQA+ chapter, which add verisimilitude to the authors writing.
Among their topics are Hilbert's t and e in proof theory: a proof-theoretical representation of universal and existential statements, exploring and extending the landscape of conjunctive approach to verisimilitude, quantified modal justification logic with existence predicate, two days in the life of a genius, and the Wittgensteinian and the ontological (three-dimensional) reaction to the naturalistic challenge.
TechCrunch says that details of how the Instagram data will arrive on your hard drive and at what level of verisimilitude should come from Instagram closer to when the company actually launches its new tool.
Tense and atmospheric, Country Dark is firmly rooted in time and place, with the verisimilitude expected from a writer who has made the shadowy hills of Kentucky his own.
Infinity + also features the artist's 'Fusion' technique, wherein the iconic images of immortal artists, such as Matisse, Miro and Mondrian-whose styles are strikingly recognizable at first glance-are all the more astonishing for their familiarity, when, in their verisimilitude execution by Datuin-as a brush with history-they are nestled comfortably within the Infinity Symbol.
The movie, simple and straightforward, derives most of its appeal from its verisimilitude -- from its distinctly un-Hollywood-ness.
They all share an originality, freshness and imaginative style tempered with verisimilitude. Highly recommended reading.
For Davis, the answer was a model of intercollegiate debate he labeled the "counterfeit presentment"--a style of debate with "verisimilitude," replicating the uncertainty and contingent nature of public debates.
Island storytellers were engaged as cultural consultants for the film to ensure verisimilitude.