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43) with significant concentrations of Javanese, Chinese, Minangkabau, Batak, Sundanese and Bugis, the contours of interrogations and inquiries into Malayness were varied, and the responses thereof veritably cacophonous.
This move is veritably a contempt of the Supreme Court, which has time and again said in several rulings that a case of sedition is made out only if an alleged seditious activity or utterance leads to violence immediately and not when allegedly anti-national remarks are being made.
Ideal Vision Consulting is a premier consulting company founded by industry veterans and has veritably established itself a growing business assurance and compliance solutions advisory and training company.
A role, surely, that George is veritably chomping at the bit to get his teeth into BARACK OBAMA WANTS WILL SMITH WITH a film already in the pipeline, the US President has expressed an interest in Will playing him.
The heir of a long, respected newspaper dynasty that went back to the Mexican Civil War--something veritably unique in the country and the world-Lozano led her team in covering Los Angeles in ways that had never been done before and, in the current, sad state of Latino publications, perhaps never again will.
Sinkkonen develops a theoretical toolkit based on debates on normative power to assess the foreign policy conduct of two international actors--the European Union and the US--against the backdrop of a veritably important event known as the January 25th 2011 Revolution, or the Tahrir Revolution.
As surfing's feel-good narrative overlooks decades of Indonesian crimes against humanity in favour of azure reef passes, it likewise celebrates South Africa's fabled pointbreaks to such a degree that the realities of apartheid are veritably overlooked.
Agriculture is the backbone of rural economy and development of rural economy veritably depends on the development of agriculture.
If the agreement (to be signed in June) is not veritably solid, this means Iran could have a bomb and that is unacceptable.
It is a source of honour to greet the nation on 23rd of March, the eve of Pakistan Day, a veritably historic landmark in our nations quest for Independence.
In her incredibly insightful 1992 book, The Female Nude:Art, Obscenity and Sexuality, Lynda Nead surveys the image of the female nude within Western art history, pointing to the cultural status that this image has accrued as veritably metonymic for the very notion of "high art.