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Being the premier national research institute of the country, NARC was engage in research and developmental activities and it had also prepared high yielding seed verities of other crops including maize, cotton, oil seeds, where as it had also developed the hybrid seed verities of bananas, potatoes and tomatoes in order to produce exportable surplus for the country, said Director General National Agriculture Research Center Dr Ghulam Muhammad Ali.
Farrukh Javed to review progress of various cotton verities presented by difference institutions.
The Orationes came into being as a confutation of a series of theses by a Paduan friar, Bartolomeo da Lendinara, who had argued that the myths incorporated in classical poetry were endowed with hidden verities about God and the universe, and that the ancient poets who formulated them were veritable theologians, who partook of divine inspiration.
MULTAN -- Cotton growers have been advised to cultivate approved verities of cotton for getting good yield.

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