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1%) at the modification of grey cast irons, leads to the obtaining of compacted graphite cast irons (>75% vermicular graphite separations and <25% sferoidal graphite separations) (Fig.
becoming more vermicular with depth; set in a of prominent mottled matrix (orange 7.
FeSiMgCe(RE) (nodulizing modifier used, mainly, in the obtaining of ductile graphite iron (Lupinca, Riposan, 2006); in order to obtain the vermicular graphite, we had to use a smaller quantity of modifiers than in the treatment of the pig iron in order to obtain the nodular graphite;
In these samples, the vermicular graphite particles were dissolved rapidly, and graphite re-precipitated in a more nodular shape.
7, one would expect the velocity to be lower due to some vermicular graphite and some large nodules.
The aluminum-silicon alloy used in Audi's production gasoline engines (its production diesels use vermicular cast iron) is used in the block and heads of the 90[degrees] V12 TDI.
22% improve graphite uniformity throughout the block and markedly expand the range of residual Mg, producing a suitable vermicular graphite morphology.
0-liter diesel, on the other hand, is made of high-strength vermicular cast iron that is 15% lighter than grey cast iron.