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Use of vermiculate of lower thermal conductivity resulted in an increase of temperature at the combustion chamber of 33[degrees]C and production of 25% more nitrogen oxides (N[O.
The shallow-water assemblage was composed of golden cownose ray (Rhinoptera steindachneri), whitesnout guitarfish (Rhinobatos leucorhynchus), giant electric ray, bullseye electric ray, vermiculate electric ray, longtail stingray, equatorial skate (Raja equatorialis), blotched stingray, thorny stingray, and Panamic stingray.
The regenerants obtained from shoot multiplication and callus regeneration were transferred to potting mixture consisting peat: perlite: vermiculate in the ratio 1: 1: 1 (v/v).
fine, short vermiculate impressions resembling a very sparse, appresed pubescence" (Weber 1939, p.
Some African violet hobbyists mix their own soil recipes, often combining regular potting soil, coarse vermiculate, perlite and charcoal.
An independent thinker, he brought to his work exceptional rigor and sagacity, a tough-minded command of scholastic divinity, and an Arminian conscience, along with an appalling addiction to leaden, vermiculate prose and a deficient sense of design.
All CoolWrap250 kits originate from a standard bill of materials, including crimped stainless steel mesh, vermiculate and teflon impregnated fiberglass cloths, and 10-ply stainless steel thread.
They form dark-green tablets and vermiculate spherules as much as 2 cm in diameter (De Parseval et al.
No insect-like, vermiculate or crustacean Abominable, no twitching feelings, rasping wings, slimy coos, curling tentacles, no monstrous union of superhuman intelligence and insatiable cruelty seemed to him anything but likely on an alien world.
What led to the federal warning were the results of additional tests, such as a simulation of a homeowner wiring a ceiling fan located underneath vermiculate insulation.