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Amyand's hernia-a vermiform appendix presenting in an inguinal hernia: A case series.
The vermiform appendix is a narrow blind tube or an appendage arising from the posteromedial wall of caecum.
KEY WORDS: Goblet cell carcinoid, Adenocarcinoid, Small-bowel neoplasms, Vermiform Appendix.
Discussion: Anomalies of the vermiform appendix are very rare (<0.
It is a gross descriptive term referring to the dilatation of the lumen of the vermiform appendix caused by an abnormal accumulation of mucous3.
Estimations of the frequency of an appendix being found in such a hernia, include a Turkish study in which medical records of 1,950 patients were retrospectively analyzed, with the vermiform appendix being found in 0.
Intestinal spirochetosis of the vermiform appendix.
Mucinous cystadenoma and cystadenocarcinoma of the vermiform appendix with particular reference to mucocele and pseudomyxoma peritonei.
CK19 and CD99 immunoexpression profile in goblet cell (mucin-producing neuroendocrine tumors) and classical carcinoids of the vermiform appendix.
The presence of the vermiform appendix within an inguinal hernia was first described by Claudius Amyand in 1736.