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It was put out by an Arrow which -'Kim tapped his foot impatiently as he translated in his own mind from the vernacular to his clumsy English.
I'd give a good deal to be able to talk the vernacular.
Could rotary levers be substituted for two of the limbs, agreeably to the improvement in my new order of phalangacrura, which might be rendered into the vernacular as lever- legged, there would be a delightful perfection and harmony in the construction.
The then British government was fearful of the Indian vernacular press.
Ilocano magazine Bannawag, the weekly vernacular magazine circulated in the Ilocos region, was established by Liwayway Publishing Inc.
He provides close study and comparison of the glossed manuscripts to determine when and why scribes switched from Latin into the vernacular, how the vernacular was used in studying Latin, how verbal glosses interact with other elements on the manuscript page such as to construe marks and punctuation, and how such manuscripts were intended to be read.
May draws on American film theorist Miriam Hansen--who suggests that Hollywood films created and disseminated a 'vernacular modernism'--to explore the Australian cinematic vernacular about formal education.
Having pioneered vernacular radio broadcasting, we are keen to continue providing unrivalled and quality broadcast content to Kenyans in their first languages, said Wachira Waruru managing director of RMS.
Sobecki, Sebastian, Unwritten Verities: The Making of England's Vernacular Legal Culture, 1463-1549, Notre Dame, University of Notre Dame Press, 2015; paperback; pp.
The first movement of Vita Nuova was influenced by Guido Cavalcante, who, incidentally, urged Dante to write in the Italian vernacular rather than in Latin.
One of the great ironies of cultural history is that the elevation of Latin to the undisputed lingua franca in Renaissance Europe took place at the same time that all of Europe experienced an increasing appreciation for the vernacular languages.
Vernacular roofs in Iran that were built around 200 years ago, served more than shelter.