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Human rights law offered a transcendent source of international authority, legitimated by its creation through international debates and decisions, which was then vernacularized by local activists.
"'I Want to be African': In Search of a Black Radical Tradition /African-American Vernacularized Paradigm for 'Students' Right to Their Own Language,' Critical Literacy, and 'Class Politics'." College English 69.4 (2007): 360-90.
The interplay between causes and consequences of change in Fergana actually resembles the visual impact of a mobius ribbon on which external influences and top-down policies of change can be vernacularized and localized over time as one can see in the revival of Islam in valley either in conservative or radical form since 1980s (chapters 9 and 13).
1260): Latini produced the earliest vernacularized text of a Ciceronian work, the De inventione, and inspired other grammarians to do the same with ancient rhetorical works.