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Cirrhinus reba is vernacularly known as bata/kharkebata/rewa in India [5]; raikhar/tatkini/aikhor/bangla in Bangladesh [5,8,9]; soonnee/rewah in Pakistan [5,10] and striped carp/reba carp in Nepal [11].
It is vernacularly termed as kabuteng dayami or kabuteng saging when found growing on decomposing piles of rice straw and decaying banana leaves, respectively.
Once Nicholson decouples the trajectories of vernacularly and nationhood, we are licensed to fully acknowledge the eccentricities of sixteenth-century English poetry, and this book assembles a genuinely unusual archive of English eloquence.
This profit-predicated-on-security equation puts armies, agencies, and organizations into motion, justifying the enormous amount of resources being poured into secure space, or what is vernacularly referred to as 'recovering governability' in the Maya Biosphere.