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Attendees included Rick Barlow, Cricket; Mark Blosch, Integra Telecom; Lanette Carlsen, Avaya; Rex Knowles, XO Communications; Darren Mosier, Sprint Wireless; Jaron Payzant, Mountain West Telecom; Gary Nieboer, Electric Lightwave; Vernile Prince, All West Communications; Robin Riggs, Qwest; Todd Southwick, Verizon Wireless; and Robert Spafford, Nextel.
Hyundai is a company that is always on the hunt for new ideas," said John Vernile, Vice President of Marketing at Hyundai Auto Canada Corp.
Vernile Prince, President of All West Communications, said that his company had selected FiberPath over two other technologies, stating, "We found that Optical Solutions' technology provided us with the most comprehensive and cost-effective means of meeting our requirements.
The move benefits All West customers as well as the business, said Vernile Prince, CEO of All West Communications.