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The Mirina team has made exceptional technical progress on its strategy of translating the potential of microRNA into therapeutic products, an important new wave of technology that will impact diseases ranging from infection to inflammation and cancer," commented Brian Atwood, Managing Director of Versant Ventures.
The Versant RN Residency model is based on 13 key performance metrics.
Once the merger has been completed the combined company will offer software solutions to store, integrate, analyse and act on real-time data using the Fast Objects object database from Poet and the VDS object database from Versant.
The 10 Tenet hospitals to offer the Versant RN Residency this fall are:
Versant technology will enable Factiva to handle a large volume of objects, according to the company.
With the Versant RN Residency we are now able to measure confidence and competence levels at each step of the new RN's journey, thereby bridging the gap between academia and clinician," said Joyce Batchellor, Seton's senior vice president, chief nursing officer and Robert Wood Johnson executive nurse fellow.
Partnering with Versant helps us provide a proven onboarding program to new graduate nurses preparing for their first clinical jobs in the hospital setting.
One of our primary goals is to ensure that at the completion of the residency, employers are confident that every resident has the requisite clinical skills to be successful in multiple settings, from 100-bed facilities to multi-campus healthcare systems" said Charles Krozek, president and managing director of Versant Advantage, Inc.
After careful consideration, we have determined that the Versant RN Residency provides a total solution for bridging the preparation gap between what is taught within an academic context and the complex, real-world demands of the acute adult care clinical setting.
Versant residents at VAPAHCS are enriched by interactive classes and labs that complement their simultaneous clinical experiences.