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[Latin, Against.] A designation used in the caption of a lawsuit to indicate the opposite positions taken by the parties.

In the title of a lawsuit, the plaintiff's name appears first; the word versus follows; then the defendant's name appears, as in "A versus B." Versus is commonly abbreviated vs. or v.

See: contra

VERSUS. Against; as A B versus C D. This is usually abbreviated v.

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Notably, for all participants, although memory was comparable for events heard in English versus Greek, all recall was stated in English, even when initiated by the experimenter in Greek.
Analysis of the learning styles of Brazilian versus other adolescents from diverse nations by age, gender, and academic achievement.
Consequently, most companies are likely to regard control versus ownership as more important than the "how" issues as the FASB proceeds on this project, particularly in light of the international trend toward replacing majority ownership with control as the principal criterion for consolidation.
A total of 10 banks ensured a growth of personal loans for Q3 2013, with 18 banks ensuring growth of personal loans versus
7 trillion drams, with reserves growing 15% versus the same period of 2012, and doubled versus the same