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A quota share deal has been inked by Versutus with Brit under that it would reinsure a share of Brit s existing worldwide property catastrophe excess of loss portfolio.
GC Securities acted as placement agent for the Versutus launch.
One such figure is the crafty, calculating Cosimo--to whom words like callidus (shrewd), versutus (sly), and acutus (sharp) refer constantly in Filelfo's descriptions, echoing Cicero's portrayal of the "unprincipled man" who only looks to his own interests (25)--framed in juxtaposition to his virtuous patrician enemies; another is the indecisive and somewhat feckless character of Rinaldo degli Albizzi, framed in opposition to Filippo Visconti; a third, the virtuous Palla Strozzi, shining as an example of true patriotism and civic dedication.
Ipse Alvino ibidem avitante fuit homo versutus et in supervia positus, noluit adquiescere ad servitium Sancte Marie .
Auribus oppletis cera versutus Ulysses / Sirenum molles praeteriit modulos.