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Gm (pm ,qm) be a vertex equitable graphs with qi's are even(i=1,2,.
Craig-Hallum Capital Group LLC and Mayer Brown LLP counselled Vertex Energy, while Sedgwick LLP served as advisor to Vertex Holdings and B&S LP.
we have two different color only for all vertices of G, so all adjacent vertices of any vertex will have the same color.
4] have colour 1 and another two have colour 2, then one vertex of [D.
A through-vertex path (through-vertex cycle) is a path (cycle) in which the passage from one element to the next is specified as a common vertex, and the path does not pass through the same vertex when entering and exiting an element.
Vertex expects that Mitsubishi will make pre-commercialization payments to Vertex of up to $33 million under the agreement, consisting of license fees, a significant contribution to drug development costs through Phase II clinical development, and clinical milestone payments.
found the exact values of total vertex irregularity strength of trees, several types of trees and disjoint union of t copies of path.
Under the deal terms, the price to be paid by Vertex Energy includes USD14.
Key Words: vertex irregular total -labeling, total vertex irregularity strength, irregular assignments, convex polytope graphs, pendent edges.