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PRESENTATION, eccl. law. The act of a patron offering his clerk to the bishop of the diocese to be instituted in a church or benefice.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Women were admitted with spontaneous and active labour (4cm or more cervical dilation with regular uterine contraction) between 37 to 40 gestational weeks, with singleton pregnancy, vertex presentation and intact membrane.
It has elevated to 53% in some states of US and globally the rate of caesarean section (CS) in Nulliparous at term and singleton pregnancy with vertex presentation (NTSV) varies widely, from 10.3% to 34.2%.1-4 There are many factors associated with this rise; like medico legal reasons, scheduling issues, economic pressures, provider and patient-driven medicalization of birth,4,5 increased induction rates6 and a broader perception of caesarean as a safe method of delivery.
women at low-risk who expected vaginal delivery at over 38 weeks' gestation with a single fetus in the vertex presentation. One hundred and sixty five women were invited for postpartum check-ups 3 months later and 55 attended.
When the Luikart-Simpson or Tucker-McLane forceps come into play with double application, the impacted, molded vertex presentation with left occiput posterior (LOP) or right occiput posterior variety make a cesarean of secondary importance.
A breech can sometimes be manipulated by the physician into a vertex presentation as the expectant mother approaches the last month of pregnancy, when the fetus can be more easily maneuvered externally.
Out of 377 vertex presentation, 164 had DNS (43.5%) and out of 23 breech presentation, 13 had DNS (56.5%) [Table 1].