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To use this method for MR performing spatial motion it is necessary to make the ability to avoid obstacles in the vertical plane and the always move at a given height from a surface with an unknown in advance relief.
Thus, according to such conclusions, the path angle [gamma] in the front section of the vertical plane has an important role in time control.
The variation of pressure with the crank angles, the ER distribution on the central vertical plane at 710 CAD and the variation of the mass fraction of carbon dioxide with crank angles, obtained by Costa et al., [16] are compared with those of the present CFD study.
While it appears that the lean flame at the higher tumble condition grows much slower than the ones at the lower tumble condition in the vertical plane images, images in the horizontal plane reveals that it actually has a larger area but the majority of the flame propagate and develop out of the imaging laser plane for the tumble view in most cases.
This imaging mode, called Q-BAM[TM], makes it possible to select the most useful vertical plane before beginning physical sectioning.
Both IOF and SOF/N were located in the same vertical plane in 4.7% on the right side and in 8.9% on the left side of the total skulls.
The force acting on the cavitator is largely determined by the deviation angle e of the cavitator, the angle of attack [alpha], the pitch rate [[omega].sub.z] in the vertical plane, and the sailing speed v [13].
The Vertical Plane Finder returns the found plane, the coefficients a, b, c, d of that plane model, and the orientation (see Figure 7(b)).
In each book, Lewis uses a number of vertical images, both spatial and social, to depict the vertical plane as well as one common image, the wave, to illustrate the spiritual state of each planet.
The difference is that in the image on the right (shown correctly), the line of sight to the target and the axis of the barrel bore lie in the same vertical plane. In the left image, the axis of the barrel should be rotated to the left while the line of sight to the target stays the same.
The higher the pixel on a vertical plane, the higher the pitch of the musical note associated with it.
The joint between the tubular extension of the body and coxa 1 is articulated for movement in the vertical plane. The joint between coxa 1 and coxa 2 is articulated for motion in the horizontal plane as well as the vertical plane.