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The most successful companies will be those that integrate their vertical portals in a framework that supports multiple distribution points, including branch offices, telephone and online.
Vertical portals. Be advised that Dea and Fusion's president and cofounder, Hugh Lee, see a rush toward capturing vertical markets via portals as a serious challenge for many associations.
By using PortalPlus' flexible and scalable framework, an association can customize an industry channel from Powerize.com's collection of brand-name content to create vertical portal sites and capitalize on their core competencies.
Our multifaceted approach to delivering search, monitor, and notification services together is what all vertical portals should be implementing in the future, or their visitors will go elsewhere to find it."
Vertical portals seek to focus content to attract more visitors
The vertical portal benefits by not having to collect and organize the information.
That's why the marketplace looks favourably on the emergence of vertical portals, and particularly from those with the distribution reach and muscle to support a fledgling online presence.
This advertising guide is aimed at novice web developers and marketers who need to take advantage of the shift toward search engine optimization, Internet strategy planning, vertical portals and other innovations in e-commerce.
It means we no longer have to rely on running banner ads on industry vertical portals. For example, we could work with Yahoo to define a media buy with the following parameters:
took a closer look at ways to package content that can become core business models (blogs, podcasts, search engines, e-books, e-zines, vertical portals, RSS).
it provides a broad view across the Web), whereas those that have added features and collections of links under general headings would be described as vertical portals.
I found that there are also horizontal portals, vertical portals, and even mega portals.