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Although, the vector-man-vector transmission is well understood mechanism of transmission of dengue viruses under natural conditions (4), there are reports of vertical transmission taking place in certain circumstances particularly during adverse climatic conditions.
In the Vertical Transmission Study, KwaZulu-Natal, (4) we also assessed the feasibility of promoting optimal feeding practices to both HIV-negative and -positive women.
For some, pregnancy decision-making seemed driven by their beliefs about HIV treatment and its effect on vertical transmission risk assessment.
Although this maximizes parasite reproduction over the course of a single generation, a parasite that experiences only vertical transmission is not evolutionarily viable, given the assumptions of the present model.
found that the risk for vertical transmission increased to 50% when maternal viremia was present during delivery (11).
The successful interruption of HIV vertical transmission was a landmark turning point.
Increases in the number of women of childbearing age with HCV in Wisconsin predict an increase in the number of infants at risk for vertical transmission.
This mechanism of vertical transmission allows the virus to survive during inter-epidemics (Rezza, 2012; Rosen et al.
8,9,15,16 Further to vaccine development, a randomized trial of immunoglobulin and placebo among pregnant women did not reduce vertical transmission of HCMV infection.
When acute infection occurs in first trimester, vertical transmission occurs in about 10% of neonate but if infection occurs in third trimester, upto 80-90% of neonates acquire HBV5.