vested interest

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Its competitors have no vested interest in commitment to customer service other than easy money, and when the margins deteriorate they may well abandon the telephone business for another more profitable one.
I now freely admit that Mr Weavers had no vested interest and retract any and all such accusations.
And if one candidate is hired over others who appear to be more qualified, question the decision, If many such questions surface during the audit, evidence is building that those persons doing the hiring are protecting their vested interests and, consequently, hiring down.
Organic food is big business, which is equally a vested interest; and the ideological anti-GM fundamentalists within the organic field have an additional vested interest in knocking GM.
How he can attack dedicated NHS workers as being a vested interest when he personally makes money out of NHS privatisation beggars belief.
This ruling allows a taxpayer to have a basis in property Y (in which he did not have a vested interest when he acquired related property X), even if Y did not exist when he acquired X.
It is owned by the very banks it is supposed to regulate, and has a vested interest in paper checks over vastly superior electronic payments.
The workshop was cosponsored by several organizations having vested interest in developing a globally recognized clinical traceability infrastructure.
Whites, so the argument goes, thus have a vested interest in preserving negative stereotypes about blacks since it makes them feel better about themselves.
There's a growing belief among conservationists, particularly the World Wildlife Fund, Wildlife Conservation Society and the African Wildlife Foundation, that if the endangered wildlife of Africa is to survive, villagers need a vested interest in the animals, which live largely outside national park boundaries.
If anything, they're deluged with facts, opinions, and recommendations--usually delivered by people with a vested interest in their use.
Choose your own favorite medical example where a powerful coalition of professionals with a vested interest in a particular approach to medical delivery made it difficult for an alternative approach of medical care to emerge.