vested interest

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I now freely admit that Mr Weavers had no vested interest and retract any and all such accusations.
And if one candidate is hired over others who appear to be more qualified, question the decision, If many such questions surface during the audit, evidence is building that those persons doing the hiring are protecting their vested interests and, consequently, hiring down.
It is axiomatic that all companies pursuing their businesses have vested interests.
Last night Mr Jones said: "I've got a vested interest in seeing the NHS reformed - because I care about it.
environmental community say Zimbabweans have a vested interest in making CAMPFIRE more successful than ecotourism--mainly, so that ivory stockpiles can be lucratively traded in the near future.
That formula involved holding workshops or otherwise consulting all major parties with a vested interest in an issue to identify what was important to them and why.
Finally, management gains by executives' increased, vested interest in the welfare and continued success of business.
As one of the partners in the general partner of Eagle Rock Energy Partners, I will continue to have a vested interest in the success of the organization.
Vested interest sa Kongreso (in the Congress) is an actuality,' Lagman said.
Perhaps the biggest vested interest against the electric car is big tax-happy government.
The Marine Corps Acquisition Command Slate Board selects highly qualified 9959 Marine officers where the Corps has a unique and vested interest.
Canadian fibre being bought up by multi-nationals with no vested interest in providing jobs or long-term growth for the province, must be a regional concern, officials say.