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Considering such similarity in the data referring to fiber typification, it is believed that the muscle fibers present in the vestibular fold originate from muscle fascicles belonging to the thyroarytenoid muscle.
In the present study nonspecific esterase technique revealed the presence of neuromuscular junctions in the vestibular fold located in the medial third of the muscle fibers of the ventricular muscle.
The false vocal cords, also known as the ventricular or vestibular folds, are two thick, sagittally oriented, individually sized mucosal duplications arising from the wall into the lumen of the supraglottic space and forming the medial wall of the laryngeal ventricle (Kutta et al., 2004).
According to Perello (1978), the vestibular folds represent the medial sphincter protecting the larynx, its lower part being formed by the vocal folds and the upper part by the epiglottis.This way, they perform the primary function of the larynx from the phylogenetic point of view: the sphincteric action of preventing the entrance of strange bodies into the respiratory tract.