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The vestibular nerve has two divisions in the internal auditory canal (IAC): the superior vestibular nerve (SVN) and the inferior vestibular nerve (IVN).
18,19] When intense attacks are frequent, more invasive procedures such as instillation of gentamicin or steroids via intratympanic injection or a grommet may be considered or, very rarely, vestibular nerve section or labyrinthectomy.
Unfortunately the leader of the Johan Strauss Orchestra has been suffering from a viral infection of the vestibular nerve which has forced him to cancel several upcoming dates.
Vestibular injury can occur to one or both ears and may affect the sensory organs, the vestibular nerve, or other components of the vestibular pathway.
This means they involve either the receptor organs in the inner ear or the vestibular nerve.
Inferior length of IAM: the distance from the inferior margin of the porus to the most lateral point of the fundus in the lamina cribrosa area for the inferior vestibular nerve.
Vestibular neuronitis--an infection of the vestibular nerve, generally viral.
Sensory information from the receptor hair cells leaves each labyrinth via the vestibular nerve (ie.
We investigate the effects of lesions to vestibular nerve fibers on the turning component of prey capture and escape to understand how one sensory modality influences and contributes to two different behaviors.
Special hair cells at the base of the cupula send out signals on the vestibular nerve to the vestibular nuclei in the medulla.
In another more reliable operation, a vestibular neurectomy, the vestibular nerve which serves balance is severed so that it no longer sends distorted messages to the brain.

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