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1,3-5,9,1,2) Nasal vestibule carcinomas may be treated with either radiation therapy or surgery.
Success came with therapy to the vestibule, not the vagina.
If you have diffuse pain at the entire vestibule, that [points to] an intrinsic problem within the vestibular tissue.
We are going to introduce vestibule coaches where a person can move from one coach to another coach.
The epithelium of the vestibule, on the other hand, is similar to the buccal mucosa: nonkeratinized and usually moist, with no adnexal structures.
Auto Business News-22 January 2009-Tata plans to develop vestibule buses(C)2009 ENPublishing - http://www.
AS someone who pretty much lives on trains and is fluent in National Railese, I know that there is no "smoking in the vestibule areas", that "the buffet is now open for the sale of light refreshments" and that the engineering works going on this weekend are "essential".
Unbeknownst to me, some parishioners were congregating in the vestibule.
By the fall, however, the gaping hole will be filled with an elevator and vestibule, additions that city officials expect will quickly make up for the temporary nuisance.
As the homily ended Jamilet started to get restless, and I brought her to the vestibule, where four or five other mothers were standing in a cluster, watching their toddlers run.
Eyewitness John Adkins told the Commercial-Appeal (Memphis) that "he saw the vendor follow the two suspects into the bank's vestibule," whereupon McVay pulled a gun and shot one of the robbers in the neck, sending both men fleeing.