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I hope that someday I will encounter a reviewer who possesses that apparently vestigial organ, the funnybone.
A mandatory digital broadcast tuner would be a costly vestigial organ in the sets used by millions of American cable and satellite viewers."
The appendix is a small, wormlike (hence the full name "vermiform" appendix), vestigial organ that branches off the very end of the small intestine just before it joins with the large intestine.
In 1991, Berthold (20) proposed that the so-called vestigial organ be designated an "oriment"--a term implying that the tissue is a precursor with the potential to develop into an adult organ.
And yet, even in the most ponderous, detailed texts, the clitoris is described as a "vestigial organ," or "pea-sized." The diagrams typically show a diagram of a spreadlegged female, with a little bulb arrowed "clitoris." The internal diagrams show her reproductive organs, but the bulk of the clitoris--the shaft (body), legs (crura), and bulbs--are missing.
Given Rockwell's direction, Graphic Systems is "becoming kind of a vestigial organ," said the other analyst, who added that it does not correspond to the company's growth plan, with margins and growth potential both "very low" and "tending to negatively affect its mix" of businesses.
By a month after birth this bladder shrivels up and becomes a vestigial organ in most species.