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Monsieur de Montcalm, we will hear you," the veteran added, more calmly, as Duncan ended.
So saying, the veteran again dropped his head to his chest, and returned slowly toward the fort, exhibiting, by the dejection of his air, to the anxious garrison, a harbinger of evil tidings.
The Veterans' Disability Benefits Commission has rejected a proposal that the Department of Veterans Affairs begin offering some veterans a lump-sum payment instead of lifetime monthly compensation.
Veterans are the best candidates for employers because they are dependable, reliable, and they have job training and life skills that make them productive workers," said Sam Miller, Greer's veteran representative with the Illinois Department of Employment Security.
The scope of the state's presence in the lives of these veterans has led the German historian Michael Geyer to observe that the social identity of the disabled veteran has been above all else a product of interactions with the state.
In order to examine whether this is reasonable, it is first necessary to describe the system that exists for veteran health care.
But with the veteran population in Chicago steadily dwindling, the city doesn't need two cardiac centers, two spinal injury centers, and two separate management teams six miles apart.
As Congress wound down to its election year break, legislation to bring portions of the Veterans Administration hospital system into a managed care alliance with long-term care facilities was moving rapidly through the House of Representatives.
Just what impact that shift in power will have on veterans issues is not clear.
Bill, the USES was supposed to administer special job counseling and placement services to veterans; a USES center was supposedly the best place for a veteran to find help in securing a job.