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These instructors include a Veterinary Preventive Medicine (Area of Concentration (AOC) 64B) officer and a Veterinary Clinical Medicine (AOC 64F) officer who have attended a longterm health education and training program within the respective specialty.
Janies jointly with Ohio State co-authors Shahid Bokhari, a research professor of biomedical informatics, and Laura Pomeroy, a postdoctoral researcher in veterinary preventive medicine, obtained data on all fully sequenced influenza A viruses available in a National Institutes of Health database.
Of note to the environmental health practice community, one such specialty organization may be of particular interest for the environmental health practice community: The American College of Veterinary Preventive Medicine requires demonstrated proficiency in the public health domains of epidemiology and biostatistics, food safety, infectious and parasitic diseases, environmental health and toxicology, and public administration and health education.

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