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Earlier governors always vetoed several times that number after every session.
In all, Zaffirini said Abbott vetoed 10 pieces of legislation that she was involved in.
If he vetoed this, he's going to veto many others that are out there.
I decide to exclude partisan vetoes from the analysis (those vetoed bills that have less than 60% support on final passage).
Of course, if the editorial page was on the opposite side of an issue (that is, if Nixon vetoed something they approved of), they would not begin the final paragraph by saying, "The Legislature in September's veto session no doubt will add further insult by trying to override the veto.
have vetoed 2,564 bills since 1789; of these, Congress has overridden
He vetoed 800 either pieces of legislation or line-item vetoes -- twice what his Republican predecessor Bill Weld did.
Our proposals (on balancing the veto power) have been made in full knowledge of an unfortunate reality that any proposal to abolish or severely restrict the veto is itself likely to be vetoed," Pakistani Envoy to UN Abdullah Hussain Haroon told a closed-door session of the UN General Assembly on reforming and expanding the 15-member council aimed at making it more representative and more effective.
Instead of doing all that, he just vetoed a law affecting his powers," Dimitrov declared in Parliament Friday.
Hashemi had vetoed article 1 on compensatory seats and paragraph 4 of article 3 on the distribution of votes that did not win seats, prompting wide-scale reactions on the constitutionality of the decision.