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A new specimen of Tamiobatis vetustus (Chondrichthyes, Ctenacanthoidea) from the Late Devonian Cleveland Shale of Ohio.
vetustus and Bipezia bilobata, from the Upper Carboniferous Lancaster Formation at 'Fern Ledges', Saint John, New Brunswick (Fig.
Nanopus vetustus and concluded they were possibly poorly preserved vertebrate undertracks, but that assignment to Hylopus or Nanopus was questionable.
We demonstrate that Hantzschel (1975) was correct in his assessment that Nanopus vetustus and Bipezia bilobata are indeed nomina dubia.
P ILTG, 18 Vetustus Venusti f P ILTG, 19 Vicentius ILTG, 20 AE 1997,1119 Mon[t]anus AE 1967,298 Atticus Belexsis [f] P AE 1982, 700 Taurianus; Andustinus AE 1982, 701 Castinus CIL XIII, 409 G.