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The disclosure also failed to inform how many complaints had been dismissed for being false and vexatious or because of misconduct on the part of the accused judge, said the letter.
$500,000 damage number was capped at $50,000 policy limit plus another $100,598.88 under vexatious refusal.
'We find that the period from the filing of the formal complaint to the subsequent conduct of the preliminary investigation was not attended by vexatious, capricious and oppressive delays as would constitute a violation of respondents' right to a speedy disposition of cases,' the SC ruled.
New Delhi [India], Oct 4 ( ANI ): Filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri, who has been accused by Tanushree Dutta of harassment, has called the allegations "false, frivolous and vexatious."
"Clearly borne from the records, the more than 11 years period consumed in the investigation and resolution of the case to the filing of the Information in Court was vexatious. There is no reason to justify the delay, which warrants the dismissal of this case," the resolution read.
It is also of concern that most of the examples of "disruption" mentioned in the article are soft criteria that can be given vexatious meaning by an enforcing authority that has a scunner for the person being prosecuted.
There is a culture in the NHS Establishment of locking down and treating concerned families as lying vexatious minorities.
not vexatious, false and irresponsible political motives, being created on various media platforms on the
The petitioner's case was vexatious and frivolous," she said on Monday.Dr Ottichilo of ODM garnered 82,220 votes, beating his closest challenger, former governor Moses Akaranga, who got 65,539 votes.
The bill's statement of objects and reasons states that the tendency of filing false and vexatious cases and taking baseless grounds for defence is unfortunately on the increase.