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Meeting also took strong objections to the obnoxious and vexatious proposal by the Federal Government to establish COW COLONIES across Nigeria in aid of PRIVATE BUSINESS and in violation of the sensibilities of different nationalities whose lands would be partitioned for Fulani herdsmen reminiscent of the Berlin Conference where Africa was partitioned for different colonial powers as a colony, presupposes a settlement of invading power in a given community where alien laws and values prevail.
Mrs May said the move should end an "industry of vexatious claims" which has seen veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan pursued through the courts.
What we've seen in recent times is human rights legislation being used to generate all these vexatious claims and troops finding themselves inn some difficulty and worrying and concerned about the future as a result of that.
The introduction of tribunal fees may have put off some vexatious litigants, but, in case these don't provide sufficient deterrent, a recent European case has helped employers further.
Deacons, 2007 ABQB 754, a dispute over a dog, vexatious litigants were described as follows:
The only basis that support the allegations against Anstee was that his woman colleague "genuinely believed the statements were made to her and therefore the allegation was not vexatious," as written in the report obtained by ABC News Digital.
She is alleged to have involved colleagues in the disciplinary process and made vexatious allegations to the WJEC exam board to try to bring the school into disrepute.
In April 2007, the Licking County defendants filed a counterclaim against appellant seeking a declaration that appellant was a vexatious litigator pursuant to an Ohio statute.
THE vexatious remarks made by Councillors Maton and Lancaster aimed at the residents of Keresley, who are trying to protect their environment from speculative development, is a disgrace.
According to Wikipedia, malicious or vexatious litigation "is legal action which is brought, regardless of its merits, solely to harass or subdue an adversary.
The key question to ask is whether the delay on the part of the Office of the Ombudsman was vexatious, capricious, and oppressive?
The Pursuit of Fashion - Bon Bon, Couture & Vexatious Bitc#es' shares her successes, failures, triumphs and defeats.