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I do not hesitate to say that for the local government to interfere vexatiously with that emigration would be to adopt a policy little short of administrative nihilism.
In the one case Judge Jack retained, she found that the plaintiffs' law firm multiplied the proceedings unreasonably and vexatiously, describing the firm's behavior as part of a larger process to "overwhelm[] the system to prevent examination of each individual claim and to extract mass settlements.
Such abusive practices include, at least, "willful disobedience" of court orders, as well as conduct undertaken "'in bad faith, vexatiously, wantonly, or for oppressive reasons.
a]ny attorney or other person admitted to conduct cases in any court of the United States or any Territory thereof who so multiplies the proceedings in any case unreasonably and vexatiously may be required by the court to satisfy personally the excess costs, expenses, and attorneys' fees reasonably incurred because of such conduct.
However, they do have the power to order costs if a claim has been brought unreasonably, vexatiously or is misconceived.
section] 1927, a comparable statute used in civil cases, allows for the sanctioning of an attorney who unreasonable or vexatiously multiplies a proceeding.