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While he may be a theatre actor at heart, he says doing a TV comedy like Vexed has been liberating.
New Delhi, March 20 (ANI): India's foreign secretary Shiv Shankar Menon said on Thursday that India and China were attempting to find a solution for the vexed boundary dispute.
2 : to annoy by small irritations <Flies vexed the cows.
Nevertheless Shakespeare's further repetition of the dynamic under analysis creates the impression of an oxymoronic vexed still, still vexed experience.
NEW YORKERS WERE sorely vexed this summer by an alleged "ticketing blitz" a spate of summonses issued for violations of obscure or trivial laws in what many see as an attempt to fill dwindling city coffers.
In radical Islamism, as in the totalitarianisms of the past, one sees the same mixture of ancient, seemingly immutable, and thus reassuring beliefs coming into vexed confrontation with modernity--and producing some hideous amalgam that combines the worst of the two.
Anderson might have benefitted from more systematically discussing the development, social function, and marketing of jazz and blues in the 1920s and 1930s as a means of giving further insight into Hughes's and Hurston's celebrations of this music and Locke's vexed relationship to it.
Martinez Jeb Bush quit work on crazy Florida voting mixup (40) Dot Barr John Quincy Adams grew vexed by talk of puzzles (39) A.
As Lawrence Weiner implies, in a characteristically succinct and oblique contribution to the exhibition catalogue, Gillick's work readdresses the vexed relationships between inherent form and inherent meaning, between mise-en-scene and sociopolitical realities, while resolutely resisting any firm conclusions.
To achieve this, one has to develop one's own human dignity and self-confidence which can cope with vexed interests and also accept others' opinions,' he said.
In recent times, the reason behind this transition has vexed geologists and naturalists alike.