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The discovery, which solves a problem that has been vexing the semiconductor industry for nearly 30 years, opens the door to significantly less expensive optical communications, high-frequency radio devices and high-speed microprocessor-based subsystems by potentially eliminating the current cost barriers holding back many advanced applications.
Throughout her study, McNeil tries to answer such vexing questions.
The vexing issue is: when is a bookmaker not a bookmaker?
Taxpayers that had already begun working on their most recent Forms 5471 were faced with the perhaps more vexing issue of whether to start over using the new version.
Here is a sample, chosen (truly) at random: 'Terra ingognita: poor Rosicrucian vexing an innocent lama, trying to collar a gnat with diaphanous thread, hurling sanctimonious invectives on fir trees - burglar sent by rhyme.' It's all like that.
Interplanetary communication has been a vexing problem for NASA.
Steinberg, by studying printers according to the methodology more familiar in culturalist studies than in social history, offers new insights into the vexing problem of delineating working-class consciousness Instead of counting frequency of words, Steinberg deconstructs the language of printers to give them voice.
These are deeply vexing questions, and credible answers may be a long time coming - if they come at all.
Small mesh cylinders called stents, which doctors surgically implant to prop open clogged arteries, have a vexing tendency to become blocked soon after they're inserted.
The president of REBNY Steve Spinola, offered his insights into the New York area's tax burdens, which are vexing the marketplace.
With respect to the articles of the last section, Monfasani resolves skillfully and conclusively a number of vexing questions (Valla's year of birth, his notion of the theologia prisca, the cultural and linguistic implications of a key passage of the Elegantiae, etc.) that have bedeviled the scholarship on Valla; Camporeale revisits the controversy between Poggio and Valla regarding the latter's philological enterprises, but he enriches it with an illuminating assessment of Erasmus' defense of Valla's philological method; and Mariani Zini studies the originality of Valla's ontology, especially his notion of the res.
Like doctors who want to treat the most challenging patients or cops who want to take down the worst criminals, it's only natural for people who think seriously about political and moral issues to seek out the most challenging and morally vexing questions to ponder and confront.