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But perhaps most vexing of all is the question of just how available the new communications technology is to the general public.
The award was presented by IDRC's Site Selection magazine in recognition of organizations that "solve their clients" - and the industry's - most vexing business issues, while raising the bar for client service.
In all instances Adell turns her attention to the vexing moments of discontinuity, fissure, or rupture that negate the possibility of constructing seamlessly integral visions of African American literary production, ways of reading that do more to contain things literary and less to explain them.
They are a small company with limited resources but unlimited ideas on how to attack some of the most vexing problems of modern medicine.
But what is deceptive to hitters could prove just as vexing a problem down the road for Black if he ever has to fix the 23-year-old's mechanics.
I would venture to suggest the reason that the pasta-fragmentation process stops ("That's the Way the Spaghetti Crumbles: Physicists solve a vexing kitchen puzzle" SN: 11/12/05, p.
PhotoShelter's Multi-User platform proved to be a timely solution to a vexing problem.
THE Los Angeles City Council has been grappling with a vexing problem in recent weeks: How to quiet the agitated gadflies at the regular meetings without riling up the already frustrated general public.
Mammals, including people, tend to choose mates with MHC genes dissimilar from their own, and that has raised a vexing question: How do animals sense each other's MHC makeup?
The Axioma Alpha Factor mitigates the impact of the most vexing and stubborn problems in investment management today: model risk, estimation risk, and underestimation bias inherent in portfolio construction," said Ceria.
Hundreds of venomous snakes are released on a commercial flight from Hawaii to Los Angeles, vexing an FBI agent (played by Samuel L.
Mishkin takes them behind the scenes as he and his team clear vexing hurdles and eventually share the elation of success.