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We can remind ourselves of some of Dworkin's concessions along the way: some issues are vexingly uncertain; others might raise questions of incommensurability.
Vexingly, this notion provides not only the subtext but the chief structuring device of Thornton's screenplay (written with Tom Epperson, his scripting partner on "One False Move" and "A Family Thing"), which was drafted for the screen but at times feels as if it were adapted from a pre-existing novel or sub-Tennessee Williams play.
In response to some of the more vexingly complex evils that confront us, I intuit that Hayden might stray from Arendt's cosmopolitan realism and inch towards a more idealistic cosmopolitanism that he impugns at the start of the book (9-11).
Gilroy with enthusiastic applause not only for finally coming around to these issues in his writings but that, by using the metaphor of moral economy, he is now vexingly worried that the Black consumerism is being dis-embedded from Black political action.
Steve Forbes might have done better if he had paid attention, but since he spent so much time and wasted so much money in 1996 and 2000 (some $75 million) in the utterly futile quest for the GOP nomination for president, one cannot suppose that a man with such a stupendously unreliable self-image could have been relied upon for an insightful analysis of this vexingly complex problem.
The scenario is now vexingly familiar to Tali Berzak, a vice president at NestSeekers International: Potential buyers at 99 John Street, a Downtown condo conversion where she is the project manager, come to the sales office believing the Financial District is depressed, and make lowball offers accordingly.
32) Hooper--whom John Clute has termed, a bit unfairly, Lewis's "Kinbote" (58)--published in his Poems what is apparently an unrevised version of "The World Is Round"; somewhat vexingly, one must refer to Hooper's separate bibliography of Lewis's works for this information (Bibliography 266).
She further stated that the Union risks discrediting itself by appointing unpopular candidates via what she saw as vexingly undemocratic procedures.
Taken as a whole, however, El exilio espanol ante los programas de identidad cultural en el Caribe insular (1934-1956) is a challenging and engaging work that adds new complexity to an already vexingly complex issue.
Jerome's Adversus Jovinianum that is vexingly insulting to women; but the nearly authorial annotations of the scribe for the Ellsmere manuscript puts it all back in, and reiterates the source, in the manuscript's margin.
And even when there is a direct connection between war and mining (as with the minerals sold by the Forces Democratiques de Liberation du Rwanda, the genocidaires who have taken refuge in Congo), those exports are vexingly difficult to trace.
Genetics might provide us with an exit to this uncomfortable, and vexingly arcane, linguistic argument.