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VIABLE, Vitae habilis, capable of living. This is said of a child who is born alive in such an advanced state of formation as to be capable of living. Unless be is born viable he acquires no rights and cannot transmit them to his heirs, and is considered as if he bad never been born.
     2. This term is used In the French law, Toull. Dr. Civ. Fr. tome 4, p. 101 it would be well to engraft it on our own Vide Traill. Med. Jur. 46, and Dead Born.

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The C Series will allow airlines to viably offer direct intercontinental flights from LCY Airport to both North America as well as the Middle-East in addition to opening numerous new route opportunities within Europe, Russia and Northern Africa, which were not possible with previous-generation aircraft.
Flexible laminate packaging often contains valuable aluminium and various recyclable plastics, which can be difficult to collect and separate for recycling viably.
I'm afraid when a response starts in PC speak, continues, then ends with assurances about wisely spent money in a 'number of proposals' it does beg the question why 'proposals alone are costing, and to be fair, if they in any way relate to purchasing properties, in particular any above market value in this area when purpose built (jobs) or suitable existing council owned buildings could and should have been viably upgraded/modi.ed at a fraction of the .nancial cost.
The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Nigeria, Aminu Wali, said that security institutions "cannot be viably reformed without a transformation of the broader relationship between the state and society." He added that "this requires addressing the social contract on which the entire governance framework is based in order to achieve greater transparency, accountability and adherence to the rule of law."
Had the Arsenal and England midfielder been allowed to bring his standards into play then the majority of the Rugby League World Cup nations would have been struggling to put together squads big enough to viably compete in a sevens tournament.
Guo said his team examined what remained of the nose and concluded there would be little chance of viably grafting cartilage there, instead building the nose on the forehead.
"RBS has just proved, in its recent set of results and following the UK Prudential Regulatory Authority's recent adjusted capital requirement test, that it can continue to operate viably under its current plans," said Fitch.
Hiroyuki Sanada is viably cast as a Yakuza crime boss and the Wolverine's antagonist.
As a regular attendee of Coventry's home matches I am writing on behalf of fans across the city as a plea for Sisu to agree a deal to allow Coventry City to viably play at the Ricoh regardless as to who is in charge at the club.
It's a disjointed performance, without a viably tender middle ground.
After discussion with Barry, it was agreed we would extend the test drive opportunity to him as the training could be carried out viably together."
At the local authority level, the review will consider whether, and if so how best, wider education functions can be delivered separately and viably from school improvement roles.