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But suddenly it seemed as if the speaker had begun pointing straight at him, as if he had singled him out particularly for his remarks; and so Jurgis became suddenly aware of his voice, trembling, vibrant with emotion, with pain and longing, with a burden of things unutterable, not to be compassed by words.
The last gleam of white card and green ink was drowned and darkened; a faint and vibrant colour as of morning changed the sky, and the moon behind the grasses grew paler.
The lassitude was gone, and she was her natural self again, vibrant with the instinctive fear of things unseen.
ANEW initiative showcasing leaders playing a key role in driving a more vibrant economy in Wales has been launched by professional advisory firm Grant Thornton.
PLACING a few vibrant houseplants on your patio will instantly give the area a more exotic and magical feel.
18 May 2017 - California, US-based vibration and acoustic tool developer Vibrant Technologies, Inc.
New technology from the native ad company Vibrant has slashed the ad weight for its In-Text, In-Image, out-of-stream video and high-impact native ad formats by more than 75% to just 30.
22 -- Leading companies and Senior Government officials from Israel and UK host Vibrant Gujarat Delegation from India
based Vibrant Credit Union, formerly DHCU of Moline, Ill.
Global Banking News-April 7, 2016--Indian central bank head says banks should be made more vibrant
Vibrant Ayurveda is a holistic health center in Brisbane, Australia.
Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the UN, is going to take part in our Vibrant Gujarat Summit-2015.