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By creating a new material -- the first vibrantly coloured ceramic -- Hublot has once again used its limitless imagination to achieve a world's first.
Marco Goecke's Woke up Blind full of angular shapes, arms moving vibrantly and couples frantically interacting, shows off the dancers' flexibility.
He added: "I want viewers to see these subjects as vibrantly unique and dynamic humans being human."
Clinique's new 4-product Pep-Start Skincare franchise, in vibrantly colored packaging, is a collection of convenient, easy-to-use products that provides instant, energizing benefits to the skin, leaving it prepped for makeup and the day ahead.
Warm lighting and materials like rosewood, Italian travertine marble and brass provide a backdrop for the brand's vibrantly colored bags, shoes and leather accessories.
Boost your health by branching out into dark, leafy greens (such as spinach and kale) and other vibrantly colored vegetables, including carrots, yellow and red bell peppers, peas, green beans, winter squash, and sweet potatoes.
This is the first of four denominations released into circulation that will all carry the Kinegram volume stripe--a photopolymer Lippmann-type Kinegram for banknotes The stripes unique look with vibrantly coloured bold designs is due to the proprietary Kinegram origination process, which is used in combination with physical principles and materials entirely different from typical holographic foils.
The emphasis was categorically made on media outlets and journalists to highlight this issue more vibrantly to sensitize the policy makers on this challenge.
Summary: Vibrantly patterned kaftans and long-flowing tunics worn by cultures around the world characterize Lebanese fashion designer Amal Azhari's 2016 collection.
Garage rock, dancehall, pop, and synth flourish vibrantly in this delightful collection--which has a strong recurring theme about the importance of fruits and vegetables in a healthy, balanced diet!
A vibrantly colored Picasso painting of a harem of women in Algiers became the highest selling painting ever at auction.
Each pair is crafted with a cushy foot-bed boasting eye-catching and vibrantly colored designs.