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Well, a help in form a smartpen has been developed that'll vibrate to alert the writer when an error is sensed.
When you speak into the plastic cup, the sound waves cause the bottom of the cup to vibrate. This, in turn, causes the string to vibrate.
Low frequencies caused the tympanai membrane to vibrate more than the high frequencies did.
FFL technology is an assembly of thin, conducting and insulating materials, resulting in the development of a flexible laminate, which when excited by an electrical signal will vibrate and produce sound.
One Citroen model already vibrates the driver's trousers, but I'm going to resist all tiresome nationalist stereotypes about why a French company came up withthis first (or what the Italians - no, we'd better leave it there.) Especially as Dr Spence, who sounds English enough, wants to extend this feature by vibrating various parts of the car in contact with the driver: the seatbelt, the seat itself, steering wheel and pedals.
The HAV regulations predominantly protect employees who work with handheld power tools and the WBV regulations are designed to protect employees who during the course of their work sit or stand in a machine that vibrates.
In a magnetic field, the alloy vibrates at a specific frequency.
That means everything in our world, from light, which vibrates at a really high frequency, to the really low vibration of a rock.
One is static, called the "anvil," and the other, sometimes called the "horn," vibrates a short distance at a high frequency: say 20 microns at 20 kHz.
When the hammer strikes the string as a result of key depression, the string begins to vibrate, first along its full length--producing a sound called the fundamental--and then it vibrates in sections, first in halves, then in thirds, then quarters and so on, creating sounds called overtones or upper partials, which are higher in pitch than the fundamental.
Sadly, it doesn't actually fly (doh!), but it does offer another stimulating sensation - it vibrates. The instructions suggest, ahem, that kids put the "vibrating stick between their legs and ride it".
As the structure is excited by impacts or other forces, it vibrates with the damping material, alternately stretching and compressing the damping material as it goes through a cycle of vibration.