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Joseph Ratzinger on the 'Little Flock' and Vicarious Representation," Nova et Vetera, forthcoming.
Part II outlines the development of the vicarious liability doctrine and its controversial status in the courts and the halls of academia.
This technology is a new computational paradigm which Vicarious calls the Recursive Cortical Network.
Vicarious uses a visual perception system that can mimic the brain's ability to process visual information and recognize objects.
Vicarious trauma and secondary traumatic stress share physiological, mental, and emotional consequences; are a result of an empathic connection; and occur due to the knowledge of a client's trauma (Phelps et al.
In addition to understanding that vicarious trauma or burnout occurs over time, we had not assessed the following risk factors:
Vicarious supervisory abuse is defined as the observation or awareness of a supervisor abusing a co-worker.
When vicarious abusive supervision is present, employees realize that the organization is allowing this negative treatment to exist, even if they are not experiencing it directly," the researchers wrote.
Results also indicated that there was no significant relationship between greater number of child sexual trauma clients and vicarious traumatization.
It is important to note that the vicarious liability cover does not confer any other rights of AOP membership on the business, nor does it confer personal medical professional liability cover on individuals working in the business.
The meteoric rise in technology-delivered pornography is a dramatic example of a vicarious stimulus that further isolates from human interaction and real-life drama.