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Development of Earth: Apart from self and social development, it is imperative that the earth, whereupon a man has to play the role of the vicegerent of the Lord, is also developed.
Adam, on the other hand, was sent to earth to fulfill a promise: that Allah would send a vicegerent to the earth (Arabi, Futuhat-i Mekkiyye: 211).
So man is able to become a vicegerent of Allah (swt) so he becomes successful from other groups and like that he would become priest of others.
The Muslim environmentalists and scholars are putting much emphasis on Islamic environmental education to protect nature and society and endeavor to remind the community of their obligations as the vicegerents of God.
45) Iskandar Thani described himself as 'the auspicious Sultan, the honoured and revered Paduka Seri Sultan Alauddin Mughayat Syah, Champion Sovereign, shadow of God on earth, the vicegerent of Allah, King of the whole world, who like God, is glittering like the sun at midday [my emphasis] whose attributes are like the full moon, is the king chosen by Allah [and] whose characteristics are like the Pleiades, who is king of kings, descendants of Alexander the Great.
As the first and only humans on earth it has been theorized that Adam and Eve were perfect creations Gods Vicegerent (rulers) on earth.
In doing so he was not only following the individual obligation of being vicegerent of God on earth but also taking forward the tradition of Prophet Muhammad who, despite being militarily weak, used to write to emperors preaching them to salvation.
Taking as its cue Harvey Cox's distinction between 'secularization' as a process separating transcendental from temporal values, which effectuates the full consummation of humankind's role as God's Vicegerent (khalifa) on earth, and 'secularism' as ' the name for an ideology, a new, closed world view that functions very much like a new religion', Cak Nur thought it possible to safeguard the integrity of the core tenet of tawhid: the belief in the One God as absolutely transcendent.
Throness pays particular attention to the coronation of King George III in 1761, inferring from the words and rituals of that ceremony the King's status as God's vicegerent (p.
This is clear in His announcement to the angels about the forthcoming event: "Your Lord said to the angels, 'I am appointing a vicegerent on earth.
The person who trusts in God and does not break the covenant in thought, word, or deed is a trustee or vicegerent (khalifa) of God on earth (2:30-33).
The subject matter of these books tends to be heterogeneous, but many of them support the effort of Thomas Cromwell, Henry VIII's vicegerent for religious affairs, to take control of the ecclesiastical establishment and to appropriate Church wealth.