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From Islamic view point, the concept of accountability is embedded in the basic creation of Man as a vicegerent of God on the earth.
In his eternal love and commitment to his creation, prophets serve as modus operandi for God's speech on earth or as stated in the Qur'an vicegerent of God (khalifa).
Man being the vicegerent holds property in trust for which he is accountable to him in accordance with the clearly laid down economic philosophy of Islam.
For discussion of this view, see Jaafar Sheikh Idries, "Is Man the Vicegerent of God?
And for final point of analysis, if we do not give up eating animals, is it not better to remind ourselves that we are actually taking advantage of our status as vicegerents, thanks to the precious intellect that is entrusted to us, humans, and not any other creature on the planet?
Let me repeat that we are both khalifat Allah and 'abd Allah; we are God's vicegerents and also servants, that is, we have to submit our will to God, in the same way that a servant submits himself to his master: complete submission.
While Western modern societies witness the situation where individuals clamour against each other to attain positions of authority, the Quran (6:165) is clear that God has pre-destined the persons who will be in positions of authority: 'And He has made you vicegerents in the world, and exalted some of you above others in rank, so that He might try you with His gifts.
This covenant, recognized by all religious traditions, further establishes the legal and moral aspects of the relationship between humankind, the Earth, and all that has been bestowed to humanity as a trust (amana) by God Who made humanity vicegerents (khulafa) on Earth--and, like all vicegerents, ultimately and absolutely answerable to the One Who appointed us.