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He gives a particularly lucid interpretation of Charles Williams's Arthurian poems, focusing on Arthur as Christ's viceregent, on money as a symbol of sacrifice, and the importance of hierarchy and order in these texts.
of the Holy Catholic Church--of the Supreme Pastor of that Church; of him who is the Viceregent of Christ in determining the truth." He then asks the rhetorical question: "Who, then, is it that thus teaches doctrine?" He answers, "It is the Son of God."(57) The pontiff clearly serves as the mouthpiece of the infallible Christ as well as his infallible Church.
In accordance with one of these revelations, Strang had himself crowned as "King James, Viceregent of God on Earth." At first he was not a polygamist, but in the early 1850s, dutifully following the commands of another revelation, he took unto himself four additional wives.
The wise ruler, God's viceregent, is identified as the "enlightened philosopher, one who combines to a perfect degree discursive and intuitive wisdom" (p.322).
When there is a danger of the body politic being corrupted by the king's intemperance, a new hybrid can be formed with the "person of loyal retainers and viceregents," demonstrating that "the state as an independent entity ...
Eid-ul-Fitr is a day of taking stock of our lives; a day to search our souls; a day to ask ourselves the questions about how successful we have been in fulfilling our role of being viceregents of the Almighty on this earth.
It is at least conceivable that after the special creation of Eve, which established the first human pair as God's viceregents (Gen.
These Methodists--from the North, South, and along the western frontier--believed that the laws of science were, in the words of Alexander Means, "God's Viceregents on earth." (22) As agents of the Creator, the natural laws of the universe accomplished nothing without first receiving an explicit and direct order from God; on this point, the Methodists who studied and wrote about science in the early to mid-nineteenth century were clear.
For Abdulaziz Sachedina, this motif is implicit in the Islamic understanding of human beings as "viceregents" of God, our role above the angels--as agents of God's overall benevolent plan for the creation.
In the Qur'an the task of being God's viceregents or deputies is also given to the whole human community.
But in saying that the earth crisis is a spiritual crisis I also mean that the problem is explicitly a religious problem in the sense that the promulgation of particular theological teachings has lead to the ravaging of earth communities -- for example, the idea in the Genesis creation story that God, a heavenly being far removed from our planet, created human beings as God's viceregents to exercise "dominion" over the earth.