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The result is a text, the Instruccion, that marks the beginning of a new culture of Inca accommodation and resistance in the colonial Andes, and that will give way to a later, neo-Inca elite's negotiations with the subsequent viceroyal and Republican societies of the Andes.
A study of that legacy would be incomplete without bringing into focus their status as colonial subjects, the use of their talents to pay tribute to the Spanish Crown and viceroyal governments that they served, their personal and political lives, their love of Peru or, as they framed it, nuestra criolla nacion, their readership, and the influence the literature of Spain and the test of Europe exerted on their creativity.
Between 1810 and 1816 -the years between the deposition of the viceroyal authorities and the arrival of the Expeditionary Army- the New Granadan revolutionaries, who rejected the idea of a "single and indivisible" republic, created a dozen sovereign and independent entities.
When summoned to the palace to meet with the Viceroy and his wife, the narrator notes that the viceroyals "tried to imitate the royal court in Spain, and wanted to surround themselves with beautiful and smart people.