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Flavonoids: a class of modulators with bifunctional interactions at vicinal ATP- and steroid-binding sites on mouse P-glycoprotein.
As relacoes configuradas sao, pois, perpassadas pelo modo de vida moderno e racionalizado, mas que, dialeticamente, define territorialidades decorrentes da pratica cotidiana do bairro e criadora de uma atmosfera familiar e vicinal nos espacos de preparacao do desfile --"formas associadas a producao cenica" (maia, 1999)--que "nao so servem para integrar os participantes do evento e cultivar-lhes um 'espirito de mobilizacao', como tambem constituem-se em opcao de lazer e turismo (.
ii) Facing one vicinal macro-user, a number of femotcells have to repeat difficult sensing tasks.
Besides the antigenic variation, other factors can interfere on efficacy of a vicinal program, among them, the viral interference.
Their topics include spin-polarized transport in a quantum dots system with Rashba spin-orbit interaction, triangular triple quantum dots driven by alternating-current magnetic fields, the atomistic tight-binding simulation of semiconductor devices with coupled spin and orbit, the magnetic properties of nanostructures synthesized on a vicinal surface, and magnetism and spintronics in graphene.
malabaricus were collected in an experimental station of the University of Sagrado Coracao (USC) on Vicinal road Corrego Campo Novo, s/n, in the city of Agudos (SP).
The 2 most intense fragments are m/z 125, which indicates an intact TMCP ring with the vicinal carbonyl group, and m/z 232, which is the fluoropentyl indole moiety with the carbonyl group attached.
Dessa forma, e imprescindivel que o profissional oriente o usuario para a possibilidade de reacoes e quais sejam estas, evitando-se distorcoes que afastem a comunidade da vacinacao sistematica e diminua a cobertura vicinal (38).
It allows tracing back along the route of every single path, making it thus possible to identify the impact of any vicinal or short-range in general network configuration upon the channel response, as it was elaborated in [1] for the simplified (reduced) case of a two-conductor TL network configuration, where dependence of the power delay profile in terms of the path-amplitude and path-arrival-time distributions on the vicinal network's complexity and extent was examined.
As silica contains a large number of silanol groups on its surface in the form of vicinal, geminal, and isolated, it can be considered a very polar filler.
It is noted that the colored oil paste may cover a portion of the surrounding area of each high-point contour and connect the vicinal contours.