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Scapteriscus vicinus antennae were immersed in Trump's Fixative (Electron Microscopy Sciences, Hatfield, PA).
31) Martha Vicinus argues that the adolescent boy was a popular symbol among late-Victorian lesbians who would sometimes even fashion themselves to look like an adolescent male.
The function of these narratives, in the words of Martha Vicinus, is the "reconciliation of the irreconcilable.
As Martha Vicinus argues, fantasies of boy love structured after a "pedagogical eros in Greek literature" "signified the coming of age of the modern gay and lesbian sensibility" (85, 83-84).
Gary Vicinus, Executive Vice President in Pace Global's Consulting Practice, states: "We are delighted to add Paul to our management consulting practice.
While such conditions have a lengthy history in Europe and America, what arises in recent history, as Williams states, is the normalization of the exchange, the institutionalization in small communities of modern economic, political, and cultural structures through the workings of the state, education, the church, mass culture, migration, and industrial and capitalist interests (see also James 1963, 1976; Vicinus 1975; and Vincent 1989).
As the object of public anxieties about 'surplus', 'superfluous' and 'redundant' women, and despite the significant contributions, often voluntary and unpaid, made by unmarried women to the social sphere (see Vicinus, 1985), the spinster is perceived as problematically non-(re)productive.
54) The logic of the open secret of lesbianism, as described by Martha Vicinus, also works rhetorically to make lesbian desire liminal, an uncanny double of acknowledgement and denial.
28 Hidden From History: Reclaiming the Gay and Lesbian Past edited by Martin Duberman, Martha Vicinus, and George Chauncey, NAL Books (New American Library)
As Martha Vicinus has argued, melodrama's rise in the mid-seventeenth century