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I looked over and saw two men viciously attacking a lady on the floor.
He viciously beat him all the time and in 2006 he left my son with severe head injuries and he had to undergo an operation," said the 42-year-old woman.
He was a very elderly man who lived alone and had maintained his independence right up until he was viciously attacked in September.
According to McEnroe, despite Borg being one of his greatest rivals, he got along well with him, adding that to play viciously against an opponent does not mean that a player has to dislike him.
In August we reported how the pigs had been so viciously attacked that one was left unconscious.
The families of two young boys who were viciously attacked by two brothers gasped and sobbed as mobile phone footage of part of the horrific attack was played in court.
Summary: The Australian Dollar traveled viciously upward as fears of a resurgence in commodity prices took hold over investor sentiment.
ATTACK victim Kathryn Cook has died seven months after being viciously beaten and left for dead by her ex-boyfriend.
He ran back in and, Liverpool crown court heard, lent over the bar to viciously punch Mr Jeonny once to the cheek.
My dog was viciously attacked by a dog whose owner, after police intervention (twice), did nothing but hurl abuse at me.
A local man viciously beat someone with an iron car jack in a fit of road rage, believing that the man had been following him down the road, a Dubai court heard yesterday.
A MAN in his mid-20s suffered serious leg and facial injuries after he was viciously beaten by a gang of four men in Leamington.