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He was so far from pessimism that he saw already the end of all private property coming along logically, unavoidably, by the mere development of its inherent viciousness. The possessors of property had not only to face the awakened proletariat, but they had also to fight amongst themselves.
The animal he bestrode was a broken-down plow-horse, that had outlived almost everything but its viciousness. He was gaunt and shagged, with a ewe neck, and a head like a hammer; his rusty mane and tail were tangled and knotted with burs; one eye had lost its pupil, and was glaring and spectral, but the other had the gleam of a genuine devil in it.
"Well, he has rather more viciousness than I gave him credit for, has Master Joseph.
case, wherein a gentleman, after in vain trying to bridle his wife's viciousness, had at last abandoned her upon the seas of life; but in the course of years, repenting of that step, he instituted an action to recover possession of her.
None of the tricks that he was ever eager to do for Steward, would Michael do for Kwaque, despite the fact that Kwaque had no touch of meanness or viciousness in him.
Tom did his humble comrade these various ill turns partly out of native viciousness, and partly because he hated him for his superiorities of physique and pluck, and for his manifold cleverness.
I suppose I smiled wanly to myself, or conscience must have been nibbling at my mother, for in less than five minutes she was back, carrying her accomplice openly, and she thrust him with positive viciousness into the place where my Stevenson had lost a tooth (as the writer whom he most resembled would have said).
Citing this to be a very shameful act, he said entire medical community including paramedics, nurses and doctors denounce this viciousness.
Pakistan Medical Association, whole doctor community and paramedics denounce this viciousness.
Meanwhile, Iran unveiled three precision-guided missiles on Tuesday, with the defense minister saying they show the country is ready to defend itself in the face of US "viciousness and conspiracies."
Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo reacted on the study on Tuesday, saying that the killings happen because of the 'viciousness' of the claimants.
If there are conflicts among claimants of a particular land, killings occur because of the viciousness of the rivalry between the claimants,' Panelo said.