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Vicissitude will be looking for models to be in an upcoming issue.
These orchards were planted by Rome, unmenaced by the high scar of lasting snow or the slurry of runoff past the dogleg of the Rhone, where gravity leaned on the plow of a glacier and then changed its mind, as if history were no more than a gust of wind across a dead lake, the play of neural waves across the chill gray flesh of a snail on a window after rain, the helplessness of tissue caught in the harmony of an idea realized, not by the creature stalled in its clear track of slime, but by the thinker beyond the glass, an historian it might be, or visionary, whose mind pursues the deep fretwork of its channels, then pauses and writes, In fine vicissitude, Beauty alternates with Grandeur, as if PLace had established herself in the Bosom of Strength.
The Daily Post wrote after his retirement: 'Through every vicissitude of fortune, till success was realised, he pluckily stuck to his post.
Kerrigan notes that Bruno's sense of universal vicissitude renders Jove and the Olympian Gods subject to fate and decay.
According to him, 'the incident is a temporary setback and one of the vicissitudes of life.
But thanks to the vicissitudes of Middle Eastern politics and a possible split within Trump's White House, Haley has now been publicly criticized by members of Congress for equivocating on a major issue related to Israel's security.
No publicity is bad publicity Gerald Ratner, the victim of his own joke about the value of the jewellery he sold, sympathises with the Prime Minister on her calamitous conference speech It was a very dirty time in my life TV's Michael Palin describes the vicissitudes of making the comedy film Jabberwocky 40 years ago
We continue to call on the resilient spirit of the Filipino to close ranks against the vicissitudes confronting our people,' he added.
remaining humble amidst the vicissitudes of fortune.
Single-monikered helmer Samir uses members of his extended family as archetypes of this diaspora in his overlong yet surprisingly engrossing docu, "Iraqi Odyssey," designed to capture the vicissitudes of Iraq's troubled history via one clan's personal take on the past century.
Caretaker President of the Republic Moncef Marzouki, interim Prime Minister Mehdi Jom and President of the National Constituent Assembly Mustapha Ben Jfar followed in meditation and standing all the vicissitudes of the ceremony.