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We continue to call on the resilient spirit of the Filipino to close ranks against the vicissitudes confronting our people,' he added.
remaining humble amidst the vicissitudes of fortune.
Single-monikered helmer Samir uses members of his extended family as archetypes of this diaspora in his overlong yet surprisingly engrossing docu, "Iraqi Odyssey," designed to capture the vicissitudes of Iraq's troubled history via one clan's personal take on the past century.
Caretaker President of the Republic Moncef Marzouki, interim Prime Minister Mehdi Jom and President of the National Constituent Assembly Mustapha Ben Jfar followed in meditation and standing all the vicissitudes of the ceremony.
Mais peu importe, elle avait un caractere bien trempe qui lui a permis de faire face aux vicissitudes de la vie.
Marry Me is a somewhat curious compilation of short-short stories, most under a page long, that explore the vicissitudes of marriage from unexpected and startling viewpoints.
I have definitely changed shape" - Countdown star Rachel Riley on the vicissitudes of being a Strictly Come Dancing "How many politicians does one remember 100 years on?
Life is difficult, and complicated, and beyond anyone's total control, and the humility to know that will enable you to survive its vicissitudes," the 48-year-old British novelist said.
Today's cockerel is tomorrow's feather duster" - Actor Chris O'Dowd, quoting his colleague Wayne Blair on the vicissitudes faced by the acting profession.
Peculiar Stories" is a great collection of philosophical explorations disguised as a young girl's ongoing dialogues and interactions with an eccentric uncle about the vicissitudes of life (as experienced by a 10 year old).
WHILE the conviction of John Demjanjuk, otherwise known as "Ivan the Terrible", is to be welcomed, despite the vicissitudes of a legal process that permitted his resettlement after the War in USA, his derisory sentence of five years imprisonment, some 68 years after committing his crimes, is hardly justice for Holocaust survivors and for the 28,000 Jews it is estimated he personally helped send to their deaths at Sobibor Concentration Camp between 1942-43.
The Iranian nation, which has a history replete with vicissitudes, has, in the most sensitive international circumstances, undertaken a grave mission and does not fear the enemies' threats," President Ahmadinejad said, addressing the 17th anniversary of the publication of Iran newspaper on Thursday.