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Hinton remarks that at the conclusion of Portrait's Preface, the "Jamesian speaker suggests that Isabel Archer is him" whereby he "enters a new vicissitudinous sado-erotic phase" in which, "imitating a Freudian denigrated femininity, he adopts the masochistic position" (145).
Wharton's self-described "great American Novel" illustrates the consequences of not developing managerial tactics in a rapidly incorporating American culture, a culture that "promulgated its message of unity through subordination."(2) Throughout The Custom of the Country, Wharton validates a shift from entrepreneurial to managerial values that reflects her own concerns as well as progressive reformers' demands to regulate a vicissitudinous Wall Street.
Preferring ordered art to vicissitudinous life, Maggie tries to adjust to her husband's desertion by wandering "from one painter to the next searching for solace" (61).
A primary study on the vicissitudinous mechanism of the socialcultural environment in the tourist destinations.
The child thus has his/her own decisive influence on this process which may become a lifelong vicissitudinous affair.