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Yet he was Geoffrey Chaucer's king, and it may have been that this little story of a victualer and some thieves seemed a strong enough reminder of Brembre's death and the king's failed attempt to prevent it, that it seemed wiser not to continue, not to give the tale an audience.
He said he has already attained a ServeSafe license for responsible alcohol and food handling, and the common victualer license was simply a matter of paying $100.
After the video drew massive attention online, the License Commission voted to revoke the common victualer and all-alcohol and entertainment licenses of Platinum Premier.
In March, Platinum Premier had its common victualer and all-alcoholic and entertainment licenses revoked by the License Commission.
Theberge's City Cyber Cafe in Liberty Plaza in Springfield was closed by the city for failure to have a proper license - entertainment and common victualer, according to The Republican in Springfield.
It would appear that Worcester officials, troubled by the attack, failed to do their homework when they revoked the club's common victualer and all-alcoholic and entertainment licenses on May 17.
27) Brewing supported other sectors of the English economy: Farmers, maltsters (who mashed barley), alehouse keepers, victualers, and coopers were among those who derived significant income from the consumption of beer.
Fighting the proposal were the Licensed Victualers Association of Alberta, the Bartenders' Union, and the Alberta Federation of Labor.
LANDLADIES' NIGHT: Stockton, Thornaby and District Ladies' Licensed Victualers held their annual charity cheque presentation in April 1986 in the Jack And Jill pub in Middlesbrough.